Courses & Activities

We offer courses and activities in a wide range of interest areas. To enrol in a course or activity, you must be a member. Generally, classes run for about 2 hours each, and members can enrol in any number of programs.

Most courses are free. Occasionally, however, a small charge is required to cover materials or tutor’s expenses.

Course Details can be downloaded sorted by day or by category.

An Enrolment Form can be downloaded sorted by day or by category.

A short explanation of Course Codes:

  1. The first character indicate the course type (A=1-day course, C=Computer course, M=Moorleigh Community Village venue, S=Summer School, Z=via Zoom);
  2. The next two digits indicate the year (23=2023) – the majority of courses will start with M23;
  3. The fourth digit – the important one to note – indicates the day of the week (1=Mon, 2=Tue, 3=Wed, 4=Thu, 5=Fri).

How to enrol in a course or activity

First, choose your course from the timetable below. You can browse the range of courses but you need to be a member to enrol in courses.

Information on how to become a member is available on the Memberships page. Please review the Enrolment Procedures for 2023.

Term dates

Summer School16 Jan 202327 Jan 2023
Semester 106 Feb 202325 Jun 2023
Semester 210 Jul 202326 Nov 2023

Courses and activities currently available