Monash University Sleep Study

Some of you may remember the presentation by Assoc Professor Melinda Jackson on Friday Fun @ Bentleigh last year, when she spoke of the changes in brain function with ageing, and the link with sleep, cognition and wellbeing. Well, Dr Jackson is at it again with another great study to help us all!

Sleep difficulties are highly prevalent in older adults but often go untreated as they are considered a sign of normal ageing. Sleep difficulties are also linked to increased feelings of stress, anxiety, depression and issues with memory and concentration. These difficulties getting to sleep, staying asleep or waking early and being unable to return to sleep can be treated effectively even without medications. However, not many seek these alternative treatments due to barriers like time constraints, geographical access, long waitlists and limited availability. 

You are invited to join this study which aims to investigate the feasibility of an online mindfulness-based intervention for insomnia for older adults with sleep difficulties. This will help to determine whether such interventions are a helpful way to overcome some of the barriers to accessing sleep treatments for older adults.

Click anywhere in the picture below to go to the website for more information and to join the study, or scan the QR code below.

For more information, email the address at the bottom. Thanks in advance for participating.