This Week Online @ Moorleigh – 24 Sep 2021

Join us this Friday for another action-packed 2-hour variety spectacular. Ask your friends along – the more the merrier!


2:00 PM

Welcome to This Week Online

2:05 PM

Musical Medley with a Bonus! This week featuring Dell Shannon, Francoise Hardy, Andy Kim, Janis Joblin, Queen, Aretha Franklin plus a mystery bonus

2:30 PM

General Knowledge Trivia Quiz to keep you on your toes, plus a giggle at how some people answer a Geography Test. See if you can do better

3:00 PM

Art Segment: This week we present the Art Textile Biennale 2020 earlier this year from East Gippsland

3:15 PM

Victor Borge & Marilyn Mulvey will entertain on the Online Comedy Club

3:25 PM

Feature Presentation: A showcase of Elizabeth Taylor’s Fabulous Jewellery Collection is this week’s feature

3:40 PM

Bonus: Tap Your Troubles Away with Anna-Jane Casey and the John Wilson Orchestra – an excerpt from the BBC Proms to put a smile on your face

3:45 PM

Closing messages

Click on the Zoom link below – we look forward to your company!


Meeting ID:  848 3595 1442

Passcode:  043478