Murder Mystery in the Jazz Age

We are having a party set in the 1920’s Jazz Age on Friday 5th May from 2 – 5pm (see brochure below).

What’s a murder mystery? Have you ever played Cluedo? It’s a bit like that, but in this case it’s live action, and participants role-playing the story. Its more fun if people dress up to match the era! No one knows in advance who is the victim, or who is the killer.

A few days before the party, people are allocated different roles, so they can find clothes and prepare for their part.

At the party, characters work together to solve the mystery of the fictitious murder, which occurs during the party.

There will be a narrator to provide the back story, guide the activities, and assist with clues.

It’s not difficult. It keeps the old brain cells ticking and its great fun.

Sign up @ Reception as early as possible.

We need at least 16 people to make it work, and we can accommodate up to 24.