How to show your COVID-19 Digital Certificate on your smartphone

Firstly, to clarify a point of confusion:  myGov and myGovID are separate concepts – they are not interchangeable!

  1. myGovID is a digital identification protocol designed to allow you to do business with the Federal Government – tax returns, BAS lodgement, etc, etc.  It is NOT an app for obtaining services.  Most people will never use myGovID and therefore have no need to install that app on their smartphones.
  1. myGov is an app designed to allow you to interact with Federal Government services – it’s a services app.  It is only accessible via a web portal using a browser – there is no myGov app to download and install on a smartphone.
  1. A COVID-19 Digital Certificate is only available once you have received BOTH jabs.
  1. In order to use a COVID-19 Digital Certificate you must first have:
    1. Created a myGov account via the portal using your browser; and
    2. Linked at least the Medicare service to your myGov account.
  1. A myGov account must be associated with a unique email address.  Your partner, therefore, must have their own email address before they can create their own myGov account – they cannot use the other partner’s email address.  Just create a simple Gmail address for them.
  1. If they don’t have their own smartphone, they will still have to create an email address, then their own separate myGov account, and then link their Medicare service to their myGov Account.
  1. Once that is done, you can add both separate COVID-19 Digital Certificates to the one smartphone.
  1. Assuming you have created a myGov account and linked the Medicare service, the next step is to download and install the Medicare Express Plus app on your smartphone.  For Android phones go to the Play Store; for iPhones go to the App Store.
  1. Open the Medicare app and follow the instructions closely.  You will be asked to sign-in with your myGov credentials.  Be prepared to note the Authentication Code which myGov will send to your phone and which you must insert into the Medicare app.
  1. You will then be invited to create a 4-digit PIN to make signing in easy next time – you won’t have to jump through hoops!
  1. On the Medicare app, go to Proof of vaccinations then View history.
  1. You will be invited to Share with check-in app – this is the easiest option – or to save the certificate offline or in your Wallet (for iPhones) or in Google Pay for Android.
  2. Your Services Victoria check-in app will now show your vaccination status whenever you check-in.

This is a lot to take in, but the steps are quite logical and too not onerous.  Here are two link which might also be useful – one from Services Australia, and one from the Be Connected Network (recommended).

Between the guidelines above and the step-by-step links below, you should be completely covered.  If you have any difficulties please ask one of the IT team …

(Rev 19-Oct-2021)