Friday Fun @ Moorleigh – 4 Mar 2022 – Welcome back!

The fun-filled variety programme is back this year in a monthly format, presented via Zoom on the first Friday of each month from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM.

This month’s programme

2:00 PMWelcome to all: as we kick off the first monthly format show for 2022, with something for everyone, starting with …

Musical Medley: with some great music from the theatre and stage, followed by …

Trivia Quiz: to stimulate the mind!

The World of Art: explores the distinctive 12th century chess pieces from the Isle of Lewis – the Lewis Chessmen – dating back to Viking times, and currently exhibited in the British Museum

3:00 PMIntermission: a short break for refreshments and snacks, followed by …

Comedy Central: get ready to laugh with some of the funny sketches we’ve found

3:15 PMFeature Presentation: our first Guest Speaker for the year is Chloe Swiney (BNutSc, MDietitics), Lead Dietitian at Yakult Australia, and part of the Yakult PR team. Her presentation will cover aspects of gut health, including what is gut health, common gut issues, how to improve gut health, and, of course, a small reference to Yakult!

Roundup: Weekly summary & close

Here is your Zoom link to a world of entertainment – we look forward to your company!


Meeting ID:  863 1866 0022

Passcode:  670019