Friday Fun @ Bentleigh – Fri 9 Jun 2023


Friday 9 June 2023 from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM. Your U3A monthly variety show – please join us via Zoom

This month’s programme

2:00 PM – Welcome from co-hosts Erika & Michael – followed by:

Musical Medley – this month we pay tribute to the Bee Gees, with some of their top hits

Trivia Quiz – another General Knowledge mind-bender to test your brain

The World of Art – this month we explore the Top 10 Most Beautiful & Famous Crown Jewels in History

3.00 PM – Intermission – time for refreshments from our well-stocked concession bar!

3:05 PM – Comedy Capers – with Scottish comedian Danny Bhoy and his take on How to run away from Crocodiles

3:20 PM – Feature PresentationMr David Patkin, Principal of DMP Legal, is back once again this month to present the next instalment in his popular series on Estate Planning.

This session is on Wills, and deals with the distribution of your estate upon death. David will cover intestacy, life interests, rights of occupation and the importance of review.

(Please note that any advice will be general in nature; always speak with your own legal advisor or you may wish to make an appointment with David for a professional consultation.)

How to join in

Here is your Zoom link and we look forward to your company!


Meeting ID:  863 1866 0022

Passcode:  670019

Use the Zoom link above, or Meeting ID & Passcode, or scan the QR Code to join in …

Friday Fun @ Bentleigh

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