Decision on use of Gym Room 84

Dear Members

At a Committee of Management meeting held on Friday 17 March, the following motion was passed:

“That all members accessing the Gym (Rm. 84) will be asked to pay an access fee of $2 per session to offset the cost of the new charges outlined by Council.”

This decision was based on the majority of opinions obtained by both email and face-to-face consultation with members, plus further discussion by Committee members.

  1. The charge of $2 will apply from week commencing April 10th 2023.
  2. This charge will be per session, whether that be 45 minutes or 2 hours.
  3. The new Council charges for the use of the Gym will be met for the remainder of this year using monies collected from members using the gym, and the shortfall subsidised by U3A Bentleigh.
  4. When Tutors Aides collect the class roll and Gym keys from the Front Office, they are asked to also pick up the ‘Collection Tin’.
  5. When Tutors Aides return the class roll and keys to the Front Office, they should also return the ‘Collection Tin’.
  6. All Tutors who have not already done so, are asked to fill in the form which formally identifies their nominated Tutor Aide(s), and should return this to Front Office. Two Aides are preferable in case of sickness.
  7. A separate U3A account will be set up to record and account for Gym charges only.
  8. A formal review will be done before the commencement of Semester 2 on the 10th July, and the findings discussed and reviewed by the Committee of Management.

In addition to the above, a grant to cover fees has already been applied for, but the results (success or failure) will not be known until May.

We are trying to arrange a meeting with appropriate Council members and some of our Committee members to discuss reducing the proposed 2-hour chargeable blocks to 1-hour blocks.

We will also gather information on size, availability and hiring fees associated with appropriate venues in our local areas, with a view to accessing these if suitable for our use, easily accessible and reasonably priced.


Erika Fleming, President
on behalf of Committee of Management